Illustrator and Manga Artist living in London. I make comics.

I grew up on the south coast of England in the harbourside town of Poole in Dorset (British with Hong Kong Chinese heritage). Like most children, I started drawing before I could read or write and have continued ever since. I grew up watching English dubbed Japanese shows on TV but it was in our early teens when me and my sisters discovered manga books. When my sisters moved on to other things, I continued to grow our ever-impressive manga collection and began exploring the imaginary worlds and characters within my own stories. 

Later on I joined my sisters in London where I studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. After graduating in 2015, I began working at Chelsea College of Arts as a Print Technician where I continue to work today. At the same time, I joined London Centre for Book Arts as a weekend studio manager and started using their Risograph machine. During this time I have continued working on my comic and illustration work, and in summer 2019 I self-produced my first manga book titled Sights of Japan. My next book Welcome to Palestine is an autobiographical recount of my time volunteering with SkatePal, the people I met in Palestine and the things we experienced there.

Currently my books are available to buy either directly from me or online at Palomino. I approached a couple comic book stores in London but I was disappointed by their responses. However, I am very pleased to have Palomino as my sole stockist who have my trust, respect and support always. 

You are welcome to email me at 

Image: Photographed by Will Jivcoff, 2019.

Vladamir Film Festival, Fazana, Croatia

Ai Riji Manga

I started Ai Riji Manga in 2017 as a platform to self-publish original manga. Each book is produced with focus on both its art, story and production.

Image: A page from Sights of Japan, 2019

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