"Wow, an amazing new book from Lizzie Heath and the first Manga to be stocked in Palomino"

Join Bailey and friends as they travel around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano by foot and by board seeing the wonderful sights of Japan! 

Sights of Japan  is my debut manga, self-produced and released in summer 2019. The book contains 8 pages of hand-drawn artwork, Riso printed using two colours (red and black). Each book (edition of 100) has been hand-sewn and individually trimmed. Originally Sights of Japan was created as an entry for the Manga Jiman competition in 2017, sadly it wasn’t finished in time until 2 years later when I was then able to share it with the world. Just as Bailey made her way to Japan, copies of this book have travelled, and continue to travel, to various corners of the world including Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and more.

Available to buy online at Palomino or if they've sold out just drop me an email! By buying this book you are supporting my dream of making manga 

My books are always produced using material that make the least impact on the planet as possible, UK made, 100% recycled Fenner Paper, unwaxed thread, and soy and water based ink. 

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